By andreyoa, Jun 7 2016 05:00AM

This it’s a crucial thing for me to tell you which software it’s the best from these two. I will start with Logic Pro because it’s more popular than Cubase and I will finish with Cubase 8 , I included the version of the Cubase ( 8 ) because the older version is more crap for example Cubase 5 it’s a hoary software that you can’t compare such a High Tech software like Logic Pro but after they released some good updates we can write a review about both of them .

Both of the tools are excellent you will not find any big difference, maybe only at the design because they are very well made, and both of them are ancient software and they improved a lot since they had been launched on market, with the latest update from Logic Pro X I can say that it’s better than Cubase but this year Cubase will release an update, Cubase 9 and I think that will be much better than Logic Pro and also cheaper , right now Logic Pro cost only 200$ that’s very cheap for this kind of tool . For example Fl Studio a similar DAW that it’s made only for Windows cost more than 1000$, so that’s 5 x than Logic Pro.

The best thing you should do it’s to download a trial version of both tool and test them 1 week and after you can have your opinion about which one it’s better because from my side Logic Pro X it’s better than Cubase 8 , it has more options and more flexibility but you can use it on Windows that’s the only big problem .

That's why many people try to rid of MAC OS and will try to find a windows 8 related software or many the same tool but on Windows .

They are very limited to MAC OS, so if you are running a Windows OS you need to search for an alternative like Cubase, and I think this it’s the best alternative you can ever find, I’m telling you this stuff because I tested a lot of DAW in my 5+ year DJ career.

By andreyoa, May 20 2016 10:17PM

The last few days in Atlantic City were a drag. I came very close to winning a seat in the main event two days in a row. Both times I got in deep with a decent stack and then couldn't pick up a single playable hand for a few rounds. I probably play a satellite a little tighter than I play a normal tournament but still it takes a cold run of cards for me to not find one hand to play in an hour.

Sunday we played the tournaments online. Not much happened in most of them, but on Dise I actually built up a large stack a couple hours in. Unfortunately I got it all in with KK v AK, lost to a river ace. After that we hopped in the Lex and drove home. I have to say driving 8 hours is now much more pleasant than it was in the Corolla. Cruise control is highly underrated.

I also spent a little time Saturday night playing short handed $40/$80 in the poker room. I had gone down there to look for a friend and saw a 5 handed game so I jumped in. It was a blast. I got to crack this grumpy local a couple times. There is nothing more fun than cracking bitter old grinders.

The first hand was pretty mundane. I flopped top two against his bottom set, he slowplayed, and I rivered the nuts and took a bundle from him. The final hand, which actually made him get up and go to another table, came when we were playing 3 handed. He limped in on the button (that right there should tell you how little clue he had) and I checked on the big with Q6. The flop came 652, I bet, he raised, I three bet, he called. Turn 4, I bet he called. River Q, I bet, he called and, when I rolled my hand over, grumbled "nice catch". I just said "nice play" as he packed up and headed for a full game. What he had is a mystery to me, but whatever he had he played it terribly on at least two streets and if he really had me beat at any point he got what he deserved.

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